Thursday, August 8, 2013

and now for something completely different...

good morning friends!

so it seems summer decided to dip outta here early -- it's been cloudy and cool for the past while. so, rather than being outside sunning myself and working on my tan, i've been working on paintings!

i decided to take a brief break from portraits, and go in another direction, mostly as an experiment to see what evolves. i'm running with the web theme from my painting "spirit revelation," and i couldn't be more excited about it! so far it's shaping up to be an interesting piece, but i'm far from finished. i'll be sure to update the progress as much as i can!

hope you all are well, and maybe it's hot and sunny wherever you are. if so, soak up some of that golden sunshine for me :) 
here's a tune dedicated to the chilly weather.

ex animo,

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